Used laboratory glassware

We sell high quality used laboratory glassware from European top brands, such as Schott Duran, at 40 % of the new price. Every piece of glassware is “as new” and has been controlled and cleaned before offering them for sale. For the used laboratory glassware we limit ourselves to the Dutch market as the transportation costs to other countries probably exceed the savings in buying used glassware. The minimum order amount is €50.

In addition, we compose and sell complete glassware systems for our clients, such as distillation apparatus and soxhlet extractors. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advise or the complete pricelist. You are also welcome to shop in our “laboratory glass container” at our premises.

Second live for a retro automatic burette, Pellet pattern. The whiskey burette.

Most glassware is bought by laboratories. However, every know and then the more exotic laboratory glassware is used for other purposes.

A nice example is shown below:
A retired analytical chemist gave a second live to this  retro automatic burette, pellet pattern. It know serves as a whiskey burette at his home. No need to mention that it is used for titrations on a regular basis.