Terms & Conditions

Our company is officially registered at the Dutch Chambre of Commerce as S-A-LE (Service Applications refurbished Labequipment) with KvK nr. 71544402 and VAT nr. 858756869 B01.

If it turns out that on arrival there is something wrong with an instrument, it can be returned without any costs. This return policy must meet the following requirements:
– The defect must be reported within two weeks after delivery of the instrument.
– The instrument has not been heavily used for testing purposes during this period.
– The reply policy does not apply when the defect is caused by the client due to mistreatment.
– The warranty doesn’t account for damage of glassware, furniture or other non-instruments. Damage of these items will only be reimbursed when reported immediately after arrival of the damaged goods.
– We give no warranty on items in the category spare parts.

Deviations or additional  terms & conditions, such as warranty periods, are possible in consultation with the client.