Used laboratory equipment

Our company is specialized in used laboratory equipment. S-A-LE is short for Service Applications and Lab Equipment. We sell all kinds of second hand lab equipment and other used laboratory supplies, such as laboratory glassware and spare parts. All offered items are on stock, have been tested, cleaned and if necessary refurbished up-front in our own laboratory. Aim is to deliver quality at a fair price. Since we are analytical chemists ourselves, we know our products and are glad to assist you in selecting the proper instruments, glassware and supplies for your laboratory. As added value we can provide much broader assistance, for instance in:

  • How to set-up a laboratory,
  • Which interior design
  • What is the best lab equipment and furniture.

For advanced used laboratory equipment, such as used HPLC or GC systems, we include test certificates and offer an application service. Our approach ensures that the instruments are in a good state and can be delivered relatively fast.

Our stock of basic used laboratory equipment is quite diverse , ranging from centrifuges and mixers, to refrigerators and ovens. In principle, we supply almost everything you need for a laboratory.
As far as we know we currently offer the lowest prices in the market .

For most instruments maintenance and/or service contracts are outsourced to reliable dedicated maintenance providers or experienced independent contractors. In contrast to other companies we do not charge commission for this service as it is not our core business. For certain instruments we have enough expertise and conduct maintenance ourselves.

All instruments can be returned within two weeks if it turns out to be damaged on arrival.
Warranty and return policy will not hold true if the instrument is damaged by inproper use of the client.

Our home base is located in the Netherlands near the German border, but we deliver second hand lab equipment worldwide.