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Mettler Halogen Moisture Analyser HB43

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    The used but tested Mettler Halogen Moisture Analyser HB43.

    In comparision to the conventional drying oven method the HB43 needs a shorter time to reach its maximum power and allows the use of higher temperatures. It gives an uniform heating of the sample which ensures good repeatability.
    The system offers many other possibilities, we are gladly to supply more information.

    At the start of the measurement, the moisture analyser determines the weight of the samples as is demonstrated by this tea sample.

    The sample is then quickly heated by the integral halogen heating module and the moisture vaporizes.
    During the drying process the instrument continually measures the weight of the sample and displays
    the reduction in moisture. Once drying has been completed, the moisture of solids content of your sample is displayed as the final result. The results are automatically printed by the attached printer
    The innovative library of the HB43 contains ready-to-use methods for more than 100 food and pharma applications.

    A new system including the printer will cost approximately 5000 €.
    Our system which is as new, is offered for 1400€.

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