1104 – Spare parts Orion SA 520 pH meter, untested

Spare parts Orion SA 520 pH meter, untested. Starts up fine, not tested with buffers.

We keep several laboratory instruments on stock which are beyond repair. Reason is that there is a considerable demand  for used spare parts of especially older instruments. Manufacturers often charge high prices for new spare parts or just stop selling them. A low priced used spare part is then a good alternative, if the quality is right.

Our formula is quite simple:

If you need a spare part for one of the listed instrument, just send us the exact spare part identification number and the new price. We then remove the spare part from our instrument and sell it to you for a reasonable percentage of the new price. Simple isn’t it ?

In addition this category contains untested instruments. They might still be good but we consider testing to costly. We’ll sell these instruments in the ” as it is” state. If you are interested in one of these instruments, seek contact and together we’ll try to agree on a reasonable price.


Spare parts Hoefer semiphor semi-dry transfer unit, ask for the price of the spare part you need.

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