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Used ICP-OES, Perkin Elmer Optima 5300 dv

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    The Optima 5300™ DV ICP-OES offers the performance required to
    maximize productivity. While other simultaneous ICPs claim “speed”,
    only the Optima 5000 DV Series has the optimized design required to
    ensure accuracy, improve method development, and consistently deliver
    the correct answer. The system is ideal for laboratories with moderate
    to heavy loads of difficult samples.
    The Optima 5300 DV Series:

    * Building on the success of the Optima™

    * Enhanced real-time graphics and FIAS control allows transient

    * The SCD detector provides fast and accurate performance

    * Exclusive high-resolution mode provides easier method development
    and greater accuracy

    * Exceptional reliability with a second-generation integrated
    solid-state RF generator

    * Dual-view optical system ensures the widest working range

    * Thermostatted optical system eliminates peak profiling and
    searching, ensuring exceptional long-term stability

    * Enhanced sample throughput and performance with simultaneous

    * Superior optics, excellent RF stability, and an optional
    thermostatted sample compartment make it easy to meet U.S. E.P.A.
    and DIN regulations

    * A full line of sampling accessories

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