Reparaties en onderhoud

Since the start of S-A-LE in 2014 we have been repairing and servicing laboratory instruments prior to selling them. Over the years our knowledge of some instruments has grown to such an extend that we consider ourselve experts now. For them we are able to completely unravel the technical composition and solve virtually every techical problem now. In 2021 we decided that it is about time that others can benefit from these skills. Therefore, we started a repair and maintenance service for our “expert” instruments.

Repair and maintenance services are generally very expensive. High call-out charges, hourly rates and costs for spare parts are charged to customers. On top of that after a number of years instruments are taken “out of service” and users are forced to buy the newest model. We want to offer an affordable service to our customers world-wide and chose a different approach.

Main characteristic is that we don’t travel to our customers, but ask them to send the instrument to us. In our own environment we are able to repair instruments as efficient as possible. Furthermore we charge a fixed repair rate, so the costs are known upfront. This is how it works in practice:

  • Select the requested repair service from our shop and describe the problem in the order note field.
  • Select quotation which shows the fixed repair rate and the return shipment costs for the instrument.
  • If acceptable order the service. Pack the instrument well and send it to us.
  • On arrival we’ll repair the instrument at the fixed repair rate and send it back or…
  • If it turns out that the instrument is beyond repair or the repair costs exceed the economic value of the instruments we:
    • Offer to return it and charge the return shipment costs.
    • Offer to keep it as spare parts and offer a compensation.
    • Offer to keep it as spare parts and send one of our own refurbished instruments instead (if available) at a discounted price.
    • Offer to repair it anyway and charge the actual costs.

After repair we guaruantee its well-functioning during a 70 days warranty period. Mind that the warranty will not hold true if a product failure is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance. In order to keep the repair costs low we’ll be using second hand parts were possible. For critical parts or disposables, such as seals, we’ll use new/unused parts.